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During the course of the evening we were introduced to the band members with an Australian name to match:


Ton Bos (Tom)

Gerrit Brouwer (Gerry)

Louis Blink (Louis)

Raymond Spruijt (Ray) 

Harald Haverkorn (Harold) 

Jan. Joost de Weijer (James) 

Peter den Boer (Peter)


We were cheekily informed that for many years the band consisted of only (2) members. Ton & Gerrit. At first they didn’t get much work and they wondered why?  ...... 

but then who would engage Tom & Gerry for a gig??  

The room erupted with more laughter.


The surprises kept coming –During the latter part of the evening those people in the crowd who were seated at the rear of the room (writer and wife included) were surprised with the announcement from the stage by Peter den Boer / drums that “As those at the front of the audience paid the same amount of money as those at the back, we will now go and play exclusively to the people seated at the rear tables”.


 – His interpretation was along the lines of: “Since we have played to the front sides now we will play to the Back sides” – roars of laughter arose from the throng.True to his word, the band, less Harald Haverkorn and Jan. Joost de Weijer / bass (who for obvious reasons remained on the bandstand), opened their performance to the strains of that old favourite for many,  Ice-cream – (being a request). 


A tour of the rear tables then commenced - 


The Band consisted of : Ton Bos, Gerrit Brouwer, Louis Blink and Raymond Spruijt and being invited to join this group of very accomplished musicians on their troubadour travels was our very own and much loved Chris.“Charlie” Farley / banjo who was also doubling as soundman for the night. This group was led by a rather affable and lovable chap, Peter den Boer / drums /vocals. His character a sheer delight and voice a great joy. Our little surprised group of tables at the rear of the hall then enjoyed not only the bands infectious playing, but were asked to participate and sing-along with them, which we all did most heartily. What a Hoot!

Alas the name of the second number played escapes me as we at our table were too busy laughing and singing along at the time.

Amongst the tunes that followed;

There was a heart felt rendition of Happy Birthday to two lucky ladies in the audience.

Then sung both in Dutch and English, exclusively it seemed, came Marina -Marina – Marina.


During this wandering performance and ably dueting with the band’s own very accomplished banjo player Raymond Spruijt was the Melbourne banjo player Charley Farley. For him and also for our members and guests the experience was one of intense delight, swelling pride and enjoyment. (Especially for another two of Melbourne’s best banjo players who were also present in the audience. 

Both seemed spellbound by the performance).

Moving onto other tables a chorus of “When the Saints” was only just audible over the sound of the 190 gathered there, as.

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