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The Dutch Forest Jazz Band.
The Dutch Forest Jazz Band was born in 1977 in the middle of Holland, in the neighbourhood of Apeldoorn. The band was very successful right from the start and has performed in many countries in Europe.   
On the jazzconcert and the jazzclub circuit The Dutch Forest Jazz Band has excelled. The band was winning many jazzcompetitions and played with famous jazzartists, among them Rob Agerbeek,Greetje Kauffeld and Beryl Bryden. In 1984 the band made its first LP: Blue and Sentimental.

Also the band played for H.M Queen Beatrix and H.R.H.Prince Claus in the Open Air Museum in Arnhem.   So, whether for concert, cabaret, radio, television or music for dancing, The Dutch Forest Jazz Band will provide a first class show. Presentation, both on and off the stage, will be of the highest standard. The band has proved its ability to create the right atmosphere, whatever the occasion, and people of all ages have discovered how enjoyable it is to dance to its music. Soft backgroundmusic provided by a quartet from within the band is a perfect accompaniment to dinner before dancing.

In may 1990 the band has made a tour to the Caribean  and in january 2008 the band made a tour to Australia. The Dutch Forest Jazz Band likes the music of players as Edmond Hall, Jack Teagarden, Wild Bill Davison, Bobby Hacket, Eddy Condon, Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington. Duke already said: “It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing!”.

Band members:

Louis Bink, trompet, trombone
Peter Swart, clarinet, sax
Ton Bos, trombone, trompet, leider
Harald Haverkorn, piano
Marc Muyzer, gitaar, banjo
Ludo Deckers, contrabas
Peter den Boer, drums, vocals

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The Netherlands
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Site :www.theforestjazzband.com

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